Notes on Arch Linux system setup

Updated 4 days ago

Updated 5 days ago

Linux dotfiles

Updated 6 days ago

A set of trivial replication scripts

Updated 1 week ago

Arch Linux package lists

Updated 3 weeks ago

Updated 3 months ago

Notes on safe network setup

Updated 3 months ago

My homework in Control Theory

Updated 3 months ago

Virtualization scripts for linux hosts

Updated 4 months ago

Zabbix configuration scripts and notes

Updated 5 months ago

WPA supplicant initialization and command line scan scripts

Updated 5 months ago

A list of excellent books, games, tutorials, and blogs

Updated 6 months ago

GPG key management

Updated 7 months ago

A trivial netctl profile for eduroam

Updated 11 months ago

A note on ssh tunnel setup

Updated 11 months ago