An ESP8266 based webserver and a web-app.
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An ESP8266 based webserver and a web-app.


  • Wifi
  • WifiClient
  • WebServer
  • FS
  • mDNS (optional)


Choose your board from arduino board manager. Follow the instruction given in the FS plugin website to install the filesystem and flash / link files under the data directory. From this point on, the development of the server and the app becomes easy because of the actaul filesystem concept underneath. By default, the app uses the HTTP/1.1 protocol (port 80) to communicate with the server and the static resource (images) requests are routed internally by the server.


If you’ve set it up correctly, 5 default robot emotions should be received when making a request to the respective IP (or FQDN). When clicking on the emotions, respective AJAX requests are made to the server. The default internal AJAX routes are intentionally empty placeholders - it is up to the end-user to define them.