Solutions to tasks.
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Solutions to tasks.

Notes on Go track

  • acronym - has some regexp that might be handy sometime.
  • bank-account - super important, using synchronization primitives like mutexes.
  • clock - interesting that test cases used reflect.DeepEqual, task around time.
  • crypto-square - took way too long.
  • error-handling - probably, the most important task.
  • flatten-array - super important, using raw interfaces.
  • grains - working with bits.
  • hamming - careful with UTF strings! When you do for i := range someString you are doing right and getting separate code points, but don’t do someString[i] because it will get you the byte, not the rune. You can convert before like []rune(someString).
  • matrix - very interesting, matrix parsing.
  • parallel-letter-frequency - concurrency related, important. NOT WORKING, tests failing due to goroutines finishing randomly!
  • reverse-string - although initially simple task, beware of using len vs range on strings, because they might be UTF encoded. len returns the number of bytes, while range iterates over the code points.
  • robot-name - tests are using the -tags flag, which makes more tests to run. Don’t forget to initialize channels with make instead of just defining e.g. var ch chan int. Be careful.
  • run-length-encoding - it was easy by design but took some time, all those nitty-gritty things.
  • sublist - easy, but I think I cheated.
  • strain - interesting, using functions as arguments.
  • tournament - custom sorting and output formatting. Check out the scanner for reading lines! Check out that custom sorting using sort.Slice!
  • tree-building - interesting exercise, building any tree.
  • twelve-days - recursion, was fun.