A set of trivial replication scripts.
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A set of trivial scripts for mariadb replacation.


Edit the my.cnf file (or included files such as my.cnf.d/server.cnf) and edit the following lines


# replication Master Server (default)
# binary logging is required for replication
log-bin = mysql-bin

# binary logging format - mixed recommended
binlog_format = mixed

# required unique id between 1 and 2^32 - 1
# defaults to 1 if master-host is not set
# but will not function as a master if omitted
server-id = 1

# set to the local IP of the physical NIC
# e.g. if only one bind address is required
# use if more than one bind address is required
bind-address =

# set which databases will be replicated (optional)
replicate-do-db = db1
replicate-do-db = db2

# set which databases will be ignored (optional)
replicate-ignore-db = ignore1
replicate-ignore-db = ignore2


Then, edit the variables.env file according to your system and run the change.sh script. Master log file and log position can be obtained by running show master status\G on the master and then updating the variables.env file with the obtained values on the slave. If master-master replacation is required, repeat the steps above for both machines.