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Arch Linux package lists.

最後更新於 12 小時之前

A set of instructions and scripts to launch the sudoku-solver website.

最後更新於 1 天之前

Solutions to tasks.

最後更新於 2 天之前

A Dockerfile for building an image with the awscli, terraform, and terragrunt.

最後更新於 2 天之前

A website for the sudoku solver.

最後更新於 4 天之前

Sudoku solver is a brute-force recursive solver for 9x9 sudoku puzzles.

最後更新於 5 天之前

Notes on Arch Linux system setup.

最後更新於 4 週之前

Peerster is a decentralized system for sending messages.

最後更新於 1 月之前

Linux dotfiles.

最後更新於 1 月之前

A home router based on the NFF-Go framework.

最後更新於 3 月之前

A solution to find the self-descriptive number in base 10.

最後更新於 4 月之前

Maser's thesis proposal.

最後更新於 8 月之前

A trivial netctl profile for eduroam.

最後更新於 8 月之前

Notes on safe network setup.

最後更新於 8 月之前

A set of trivial replication scripts.

最後更新於 8 月之前